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This will be the information hub for all the things you need to know and have access to for success during your 11th grade year. Please check frequently for rubrics, readings and other materials for your 11th grade classes. Each teacher has a page or a series of pages to provide you with resources that will foster success in their classes.

Innovation and Identity Coached Project 2015

Juniors will immerse themselves in American History, focusing on the decade of approximately 1920-1930, tracing the expansion of the American understanding of citizenship and all the rights that accompany full citizenship. Students will also further explore the period-appropriate understanding and emerging expectation of the American Dream. Students will create original presentations that will interact with outside audiences. The purpose of the presentations is to engage the audiences with the key issues and innovations of the early 20th century in America.

- Project Overview, including task list and rubrics

- Template for Annotated Bibliography

The 11th grade team is made up of:

English - Ms. Clarke - Jaclyn.Clarke@hartfordschools.org

Latin - Ms. Goetz - goete001@hartfordschools.org

Math - Mr. Prelli - prelm001@hartfordschools.org

Physics - Mr. Holloway - hollt001@hartfordschools.org

US History - Mr. Hoberman - hobej001@hartfordschools.org

School Counselor - Ms. Smagin - smagj001@hartfordschools.org

Some EXTREMELY helpful links:

Click here to access the 11th Grade Survival Guide:

Click here to access school-wide rubrics.

Click here to access the Class of 2018 Summer Lab (due 8/30/2016).

Click here to access Science Fair Resources.

Click here to access an online version of the classroom Physics textbook

Click here to access tutorials on how to use Microsoft Excel.

Click here to access MLA PowerPoint (for information about citing papers!)

Click here to access Avoiding Plagiarism Tips

Click here to access Resume Generator

Required 11th Grade Materials List

(Please bring on the first day of school, Tuesday, August 25, 2015)

Your brain – you will use this all year!
  1. Your summer reading paper. – Email to Ms. Goetz or give to Ms. Clarke, room 347
  2. Your summer experiment lab report. – Give to Mr. Holloway, room 300
  3. The following materials for your core area classes:

  • Physics: 1 1/2” 3-ring binder with tab dividers and pouch for loose items, pre-reinforced notebook paper, graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus Silver Edition™ is highly recommended) with USB interface cable, and spare set (4) of AAA batteries at all times (comes with calculator), mechanical pencil with plenty of spare erasers, straight-edged ruler with 3 holes.
  • American Literature: 1 1/2" 3-ring binder,5 tab dividers (1 for each marking period, then the last tab for research paper) a "thumb" drive (without viruses), a non-"Yahoo™" email address, writing utensils, folders for handouts, hole punch for binder
  • Math: 1 ½” 3 ring binder, 5 tab dividers, graph paper, graphing calculator, white-lined college ruled paper, pencils and erasers (no pens!)
  • History: Single-subject notebook (2 for the year), pens/pencils, roll of tape (2 for the year)
  • Latin: 2” binder, 5 tab dividers, white-lined college ruled paper, 3x5 index cards, pens/pencils